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If the Department of Human Services has gotten involved in your family, claiming to protect your children, you are probably feeling a lot of stress.

As your lawyer, my goal is to help you relieve that stress. I have three decades of experience providing friendly, personalized service to people like you in Oklahoma City and statewide, as well as military personnel across the country and around the world. I know how to work with DHS in these cases to see that your rights are protected.

Reasons The DHS Takes Children Away From Parents

DHS cases are initiated for a wide variety of reasons. Most commonly, there is some sort of allegation of a child being treated inappropriately. These allegations may come from teachers at school. They may come from neighbors. They may even come in the form of false allegations from bitter ex-spouses.

Usually, the allegations involve accusations of child abuse, drug use in the home, neglect, abandonment or other similar issues.

Keeping Your Children In Your Home

In these cases, the DHS has one goal: child protection. They want to make sure that your children are safe. It is their statutory duty to see that children are reunified with their parents whenever possible. However, they do have the power to take your children away and terminate your parental rights.

I am a caring attorney who understands the bond between parent and child. As your representative, I will work hard to help you keep that bond intact.

Your Advocate In DHS Cases

I will stand by your side in administrative hearings at the Department of Human Services. I know how to carefully argue your case and make sure your voice is heard.

I am also familiar with the creation of Individual Service Plans (ISP) that are designed to prove to the DHS that you should have legal custody of your child. No matter what it takes, I will stand by your side.

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